Nurturing a humane society, wher poverty will be overcome and all people live in dignity.

To support and encourage the less privileged through quality education, hunger eradication and good healthcare in other to improve their standard of living.

Why we decided to go to the slums and not secondary schools

A note from Ewaade’s Founder concerning the PAD A GIRL CHILD project 

As someone that has lived, ate and practically had the experience of being in the slum before, my trajectory on projects is a little bit different.


I have seen several NGO’s organize PAD A GIRL CHILD outreaches in various school , which is great and fantastic. But looking back at the time I lived in Makoko slum, I vividly remember the number of young girls with torn and dirty clothes, walking aimlessly or hawking a thing or two on the street with no hope of tomorrow. I cannot help but remember how many of times I had seen these girls cry and it broke my heart at their hopelessness, and as a result of this Ewaade foundation was born.


My experience  shaped and influenced every project we do in Ewaade, and that’s the major reason our targeted beneficiaries are not schools ,but rather slums that have no access to education of any sort (governmental or private).




Like I mentioned earlier, the PAD A GIRL CHILD outreach is something a lot of NGO’s do, but taking a close look at the picture above, do you really think girls living in all these places would have the luxury or access of buying a pad? 


During our last year , PAD A GIRL CHILD program, i had an experienced that reinforced the need for continuity of this project in the slum. I was handing out about 8 packs of pad to a set of twins that should last them for like 5 months, and they said they were not even aware that pads exist. They further explained that ever since they started menstruating , their mother would tear pieces of clothes to help with the bleeding ,and ordinarily they would not have been able to afford the pads. It really broke my heart that even now, there are girls out there without access to things we term as ‘basic”, and at a risk of infection and all sort.


At Ewaade foundation, our targeted beneficiaries are the under-privileged who do not have access to education, good healthcare and good diet and this is of utmost importance for us a team.


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Editor: Jesulewami Oreweme

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