Nurturing a humane society, wher poverty will be overcome and all people live in dignity.

To support and encourage the less privileged through quality education, hunger eradication and good healthcare in other to improve their standard of living.

Note from founder

I was once like them, I lived and stayed in makoko slum, right there when I have nothing the lord gave me this vision, to support the children living in the slum and I took it upon myself even when I had not so much and couple of people keyed into this vision with me, put together their resources and supported the vision also.

Over time, i realized that i could maximize our social impact by addressing the needs of children. By helping the younger generation, we would better the communities where they live, and thus improve the future of those communities. From this epiphany came a clear mission: to support and encourage the underprivileged through quality education, hunger eradication and good health care in order to improve their standard of living. I decided to begin these efforts in Makoko Yaba Lagos, which holds special significance to me.
We are thankful that in the few years, our foundation has had the opportunity to work with capable, committed partners in education, health and beyond. Through these experiences, our original idea of sharing has developed into a deep conviction to contribute not only our assets with those in need, but also our spirit of philanthropy. We hope you share in this vision and welcome you to join us as a partner, co-sponsor or volunteer.

"Together, we can make a greater impact than if we stand alone."

Ifeoluwatofunmi Balogun.