Nurturing a humane society, wher poverty will be overcome and all people live in dignity.

To support and encourage the less privileged through quality education, hunger eradication and good healthcare in other to improve their standard of living.

August Annual Outreach

The August Annual Outreach is one of the largest and major projects at Ewaade foundation. The outreach speaks volume about EAF’s consciousness of humanity and commitment to scaling impact in lives of people.

This year’s outreach is tagged ”500 boxes of hope for 500 families”, with the aim to reach out to various impoverished families in Ikorodu slum. With the current situation in the country, it is hardly news that a lot of people are struggling and barely making ends meet.

The project stemmed from the foundation’s desire to empower underprivileged and vulnerable nursing mothers and children, by providing them with the necessary supplies needed to cushion the effect of the economy.

As much as we would love to put smiles on their faces, it can only be achieved with adequate resources. As a result, we are open to various sponsorship and partnerships in making this outreach a reality.

For Sponsorship and Partnerships:



GT Bank

We also solicit for seamstress, tailors or designers willing to sew for free.



Editor: Jesulewami Oreweme

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