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To support and encourage the less privileged through quality education, hunger eradication and good healthcare in other to improve their standard of living.

Celebrating International women's day 2023

international women's day

March 8 is a global day set aside to celebrate women’s achievement and simultaneously breach the gender inequality gap. 

This year’s theme according to the United Nations is tagged “DigitAll: Innovation and technology for gender equality “ which highlights the importance of technology as a tool to promote gender equality and emphasizes the need for women to have better access to digital tools for their growth and development. 

The world is a global village and with fast emerging technology innovations, there is easy access to resources enabling women to become innovators themselves and dare to dream addressing the stigma of gender equality. 

This year’s theme focus on making the digital world safer and more acceptable to women. Although there is still an under representation of women in STEM careers we see more women speaking out, encouraging and inspiring others to power on to eliminate this disparity. 

Alongside, the internet provides a means for wide spread awareness about female health issues, although vulnerable women and girls in rural areas are still very much affected. 

Ewaade foundation  celebrates the strong, diverse and smart women in our team that have contributed immensely to the growth of this organization. We also ensure we organize projects that prioritize and meet the health and developmental need of the girl child. 

So today as you learn to accept your innate womanhood, we hope you grow in self- acceptance, self-appreciation and self-love. And we employ you to enable real change with your actions everyday through this year, because International Women’s day is not the only day to celebrate women successes. 

Remember we’re always rooting for you!

Editor: Jesulewami Oreweme